The first order of business is to build a team of people who, under the influence of the organization, grow taller, healthier, become stronger and more autonomous. 
Robert L. Greenleaf, Servant Leadership


Our multi-skilled team is composed of experienced organizational change and human resource professionals with advanced degrees and years of experience working inside organizations across many different industries. To bring the best expertise to bear on a client’s business needs, OCG teams with other consultants from a variety of disciplines. Our consultants have personally experienced as well as led large scale organizational change efforts, giving them first hand knowledge of which strategies work better than others. We provide specific expertise, proven experience, and valuable insight in order to assist your organization through transformational change.  We will work with you to:

  • Develop a change-ready workforce that can embrace new technologies, respond to changing business conditions and implement improved processes.
  • Build organizational capability to manage strategic change objectives. 
  • Communicate change initiatives to employees to overcome resistance and build trust.
  • Develop, improve, reward, and sustain the high performance of your people.
  • Develop partnerships between human resource professionals and other stakeholders to implement change efforts.
  • Create an environment of customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Strengthen the relationship between employees and the organization.
Our consultants have extensive, integrated experience in the following areas:

360-Degree Feedback Development Customer Satisfaction & Service Organization Assessment
Action Research Employee Development Organization Development
Assessment Employee Involvement Performance Management
Business Strategy Executive Development Process Alignment to New Technology
Carlson Learning Executive Offsites Process Improvement
Change Management Group Facilitation & Dynamics Team Design & Implementation
Conflict Management Goal Development Team Spirit
Coaching and Mentoring Improving Communication Training & Development
Cross-Functional Teams Leadership Development Vision & Mission Development
Cultural Change Open Systems Framework Whole Systems In the Room