Anything I’ve ever done that was ultimately worthwhile initially scared me to death.
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Founder and CEO

Pat Baccili has championed challenging organizational initiatives for 20+ years as a consultant and senior human resource manager. She has been coaching employees at all levels for over 15 years. Pat has worked with many individuals and organizations to help them change, grow and become competitive in today’s global market. Her background includes senior management experience at AT&T, where she helped orchestrate major cultural change management efforts for the divested Bell System entities as well as extensive recent work overseeing change management and organizational development projects as Senior Vice President of a growing consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest. Pat was selected to develop and lead the company’s Management and Organization Development Services business unit.

Pat’s experience spans both the public and private sectors of business. Her qualifications include over 12 years of senior-level experience at AT&T and its subsidiary, Bellcore, where she played a key role in planning and implementing the company’s 1982 divestiture. As one of the first of seven employees to join Bellcore, Pat and her team mates experienced a once in a lifetime career event to start up a major telecommunications business. As Director of Human Resources for the Organizational/Program Development Division, she developed and managed a consolidated plan to shift the 9,000-employee BellCore organization from a research-focused culture to one that could thrive in a competitive, applied business environment.

As a consultant, Pat has worked in several large organizations aligning business processes with new technology, facilitating cultural change, coaching executives, leaders and employees, conducting whole systems meetings to strengthen communication and clarify expectations, facilitating focus groups, analyzing internal organizational systems, and preparing needs assessments and action plans. As an OD consultant, her goal is to build collaborative relationships with her clients and exceed client expectations.

Pat has extensive experience in large-scale systems development and implementation, particularly in adapting processes to the following CIS applications: 1) Process Alignment™ and Cultural Change, 2) Process Alignment™ of High-Level Cross Functional Processes, 3) Detail-Level Process Alignment™ for Full System Capability, and 4) Change Management for Customer Service Leadership Teams.  Additional strengths Pat possesses include human resource development, senior management coaching, organizational and cultural change, group/team dynamics, performance management, 360-degree feedback, and process reengineering.

Pat’s educational credentials include an M.A. in Organization Psychology from Columbia University, an M.A. in Psychology from Claremont Graduate University, and a B.S. in Business Management from the College of St. Elizabeth. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in I/O Psychology at Claremont Graduate University, where she has designed and taught courses in performance management and measurement as an Adjunct Professor. Pat is also a certified NTL facilitator, Team Spirit Facilitator and Keirsey Assessment, Project Management and Training Facilitator.




Dr. Claudia A. White is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and Management Consultant who specializes in researching, analyzing, developing and training individuals to grow and to rise to their highest potential within their living and working environments. During the past eight years she has worked with many individuals as well as organizations to significantly improve their quality of work life and quality of customer service as well as improve work relations, create a productive team environment and increase worker productivity.

Claudia has extensive experience in a number of industries including banking, airline, health care, higher education, real estate and counseling. She has worked successfully in both the domestic and international arenas. She is a dynamic speaker who has delivered seminars on over 25 topics.

As a consultant, Claudia has worked in several large organizations doing in-depth research, conducting needs assessments, facilitating focus groups, analyzing work relations, and producing detailed reports containing findings and recommendations. As a trainer, her goal is to meet the customers where their needs exist. Therefore, she tailors all her training programs to meet all specified and identified criteria.

Claudia has taught at the university level for the past seven years. She has taught at the vocational, undergraduate and graduate level in the fields of business management, organization development and psychology. She has over ten years of experience doing research, survey development and test administration.

Claudia has worked in the international arena in the area of tourism development. During the past two years, she has focused her energy on the West Coast and in the Caribbean. She is currently expanding her practice to Southern and Eastern Africa.