Partnership acknowledges that we are capable of defining for ourselves the rules and yardsticks by which we live and work!
Peter Block, Stewardship

Our Vision
Critical Success Factors

Our Vision

OCG is the consultant of choice, recognized for providing unparalleled organizational consulting services to our clients through developing mutual trust, integrity, and collaboration.

Our Mission

OCG is in the business of providing consulting services to organizations and individuals to help improve their effectiveness. We outperform our competitors in offering value to the marketplace through consulting in the areas of strategy and change, organization, leadership, and employee development, assessment, training and energizing team spirit.

Our Strategy

Our strategic priorities are to provide customers with unparalleled services and provide leading edge consulting through the uniqueness of our products and the business experience of our associates. We integrate the complex nature of people and business, working together towards excellence. We provide innovative solutions based on a broad array of services customized to meet the needs of the client and the client’s budget.

Our Critical Success Factors (CSFs) in working with our clients include the following:

We customize the consultation to meet the needs, budget, and short and long-term goals of the organization.
We clarify expectations with our clients and develop a keen understanding of each client’s needs.
We recognize and appreciate the importance of the people side as well as the business side of change.
We position our clients as the primary change agents, collaborating with them and coaching them for success.
We systematically plan for and create short-term successes.
We model the principles, concepts and techniques that we pass on to others.
We remain flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of our clients.
We help to discover issues that may be difficult to discuss and develop actions that will sustain high performance.
We commit to the personal dignity and integrity of all participants.