If innovation is our only chance, then only a respect for individual creativity will lead to innovation.
We desperately need new tools to help us become more creative.
John Sculley, former CEO, Apple Computer

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Trend Web Sites

American Demographic Magazine

On The Horizon On-Line
Contains articles written by contributors from a variety of backgrounds dealing with social, technological, economic, environmental, and political trends. Aimed at professionals concerned with the future of education but many articles have broader business implications.

World Future Society
Nonprofit educational and scientific organization for people interested in how social and technological developments are shaping the future.

Management Web Sites

American Management Association International

American Productivity & Quality Center
Nonprofit education and research organization focused on productivity and quality improvement. Source of extensive information on benchmarking, knowledge management, measurement, customer satisfaction, productivity, and quality.

Center for the Study of Work Teams
University of North Texas based center focused on employee teams and participative management. Site offers large number of student papers, research articles, conference proceedings, and newsletters.

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
Provides information about USA national quality award plus library of quality, information about award winners, cases studies/best practices, award criteria, and so on.

Society for Organizational Learning
MIT research center devoted to idea exchange and research on organizational learning.

Stanford Learning Organization Web (SLOW)
Network of Stanford university researchers, staff, and students interested in the nature and development of learning organizations.

 Compensation and Benefits

American Compensation Association

Benefits and Compensation Solutions Magazine Online
Weekly online source of news on human resources, benefits, compensation, and related technology.

BenefitsLink—The National Employee Benefits Web Site
Internet link to information and services for employers sponsoring employee benefit plans. Employee Benefits Library contains links to employee benefit information by topic plus links to U.S. government documents about employee benefit plans.

National Center for Employee Ownership
Private, nonprofit membership and research organization providing information on employee stock ownership plans, employee stock options, and employee participation.

Pay for Performance Report, The Institute of Management and Administration
Source of information on how to improve productivity through the use of variable pay and bonus programs for employees.

Scanlon Plan Associates
Nonprofit association focused on gainsharing. Provides articles, books, videos, and data on cost/benefits.

 Human Resources

American Society for Training & Development

Employment Projections Overview
Information and statistics on USA labor force trends with economic and employment projections.

Families and Work Institute
Non-profit organization focused on work/family concerns.

Workforce Online
Research Center contains database of more than 500 articles from Workforce magazine on benefits, HR technology, HR trends, Recruitment, Training, Compensation, and so on.

International Association for Human Resource Information Management
Contains white papers on topics such as “Electronic Employee Benefits Enrollment,” privacy, use of the internet for recruitment, and so on.

Society for Human Resource Management
Contains online archive of articles from HR Magazine, HR news, and information on HR conferences.

Joint project by Cornell University’s School of Industrial Labor Relations and Human Resource Executive magazine to provide comprehensive internet index and search engine for HR professionals seeking information on human resources, labor relations, benefits, training, technology, staffing, recruiting, and so on.

General HR Links

HR Headquarters by Personnel Journal
Useful source which includes,amongst its services, access to a searchable database of 194 articles from Personnel Journal.(cf. link under heading Human Resource Publications)

Guide to Human Resources Information on the Internet
A Canadian collection of links.

The Human Resource Professional’s Gateway to the Internet
An attractively presented and growing set of US HR links by Eric Wilson.

HRM Internet Links from Strathclyde University
A very useful UK listing.

Kryslyn Corporation’s Favourite Human Resources Sites
Good list of resources with a bias towards compensation

HRM:Becoming a Human Resources Manager
Materials,including a movie,from the Institute of Learning Studies at NWU.

Human Resource Management Basics
This is a home page by Craig Russell which provides information and links on the basics of human resource management.

A Catalog of Human Resource and Computer Based Training Software
An extensive catalog covering many aspects of HRM.

Advanced Personnel Systems
“Advanced Personnel Systems specializes in providing timely, accurate, objective information on all types of HR software and computer-based courseware. We are currently monitoring 2200 HR software products from 1200 vendors and 4000 courseware products from 300 suppliers–plus consultants and developers”.An impressive and valuable list of software products available on the market in the US and Canada.

HR Plaza
Some useful links and info for the HR professional.This site is from Bernard Hodes Advertising who developed Career Mosaic.

HR Online
A popular and developing page which presents the services of a good range of HR consultants.Some 90% is offered free.

Business Open Learning Archive
A very useful business site with a strong element of HRM materials.

Ed Hernandez Home Page
A really extensive and valuable collection of links from a teacher of HRM at California State University Stanislaus.

HR Online
A popular and developing page which presents the services of a good range of HR consultants.Some 90% is offered free.

HRWORLD is an information service for human resource management.It includes a buyer’s guide,job opportunities,productivity and technology issues,links to other HR sites and more.

Human Resources from Nerd World
Largely a list of HR consultants and service providers but some other good links are also included.

The HR and Survey Software Page
A comprehensive catalog of HR and survey software.Covers a wide range of HR together with some general HR links.

Sierra’s Human Resource Information Center
“Our goal in creating this page was to develop a repository of human resources-related information for use in research and on-going education.”

“The HRIM MALL provides “one stop service” for topics relating to Human Resources. At this site you can find Job Openings, Products & Services Directory, HR Calendar of Events, Press Releases, and links to HR Associations and to Other HR Sites on the Web.”

Human Resources in the Alberta Government
An attractive page with many novel links. Topics include Organizational Excellence, Employee Excellence, Employment in the Alberta Public Service (which includes a listing of job opportunities), Restructuring & Downsizing and HR Practices.There are also a number of links to other sites that have HR related information.

HR Web from McMasters University- Canada
Attractively presented and valuable set of links.

Public Service and Merit Protection Commission (Australia)
An interesting and useful set of links, from Australia, of particular relevance to HR in the public sector.

SocioSite:Management and HRM (University of Amsterdam)
A good listing organised into 4 sections,HRM,Management,Labor and Organisation.

HRMS & HRIS Information on the Internet-from Phenix Management International
Another set of useful links from a Canadian consultancy.

The Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management Resource from Richard L Hannah
Extensive and useful mix of sites.

This site is a Canadian HR site dedicated to all kinds of information relating to HRM in Canada. Information includes articles, relevant categories, suppliers, and other links.

A valuable site,with well orgainsed and annotated links,brought to you by Cornell University and Human Resource Executive magazine.

Winning Associates Employee Relations and HR Consulting
Informative and interesting site with wide range of HR resources and links.

Inside HR
The Research Institute of America Group present a “virtual community for HR professionals”, which includes discussion, news,toolkit,a calendar of HR events,links etc.Requires registration which is free.

Canadian Sectoral Human Resource Councils
This site has been developed as a Web-based gateway to the 23 Sector Councils of the Canadian Labour Force Development Board, many of which have Web sites of their own. The hope is that the site will improve communication amongst the Sector Councils themselves, as well as between the Sector Councils and industry, government and other groups with human resource concerns.The SCSC site has freely available documents and resources which will assist businesses and organizations address HR issues.

Human Resources @TMC
The site features a HR topic weekly, which provides focused online resources. There is a calendar of events, an unmoderated chat, and annotated links.

School of Labor and Industrial Relations-Michigan State University
An attractive and informative site with an excellent set of “hotlinks”.

CUPA’s Links
From the College and University Personnel Association a distinctive and useful set of links.

Performance Management Resources
From the Zigon Performance Group a valuable site complete with an excellent set of links.

Pam Pohly’s Net Guide:Healthcare Human Resources Management & Personnel Tools
Specialist and extensive set of links for HRM and Healthcare on the Web.

PW Net
A large HRM site from the Netherlands that provides a range of services and information.PW Net is owned by the publisher VNU BPA in Amsterdam.The language is Dutch.

Unison’s Guide to Human Resources Management
Unison,the UK’s largest Trade Union presents this guide written by Gavin Poynter of the University of East London.Ghapter headings include Introduction,Summary-What is HRM,Developing a Trade Union Agenda,The New Managerialism,Management Organisation,Work Methods,Employee Relations,Equal Opportunities,Health and Safety,Glossary and Further Reading.

CUPA’s HR Links
Well presented,useful mega-list of HR sites.
Sponsored by Team Builders Plus,this site provides a guide to 360 degree feedback complete with articles and useful links.

HR On-Line: The Canadian Network for Workplace Issues
Offers a range of news,articles,links and discussion regarding Canadian HRM issues.(Membership fees for full access.)

HR Global Network
From MCB publishers in the UK, “HR Global Network aims to help all managers, academics and researchers with an interest in HR development, broadening your knowledge by providing you with more informed research,ultimately helping your business to be more competitive.”

CHRT HR & HRIS Resources Site
Australian website from Corporate HR Technologies providing valuable information and links.

The Exit Interview and Survey Homepage
From Robert A. Giacalone at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte,this site focuses on how to do exit surveys and interviews.